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NXT Lego Mindstorms sell out quickly over christmas, top fun

Christmas toy for 2008

A programmable robotics kit released by Lego .

It replaces the first-generation Lego Mindstorms kit, which was called the Robotics Invention System.

LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT includes an all-new NXT Intelligent Brick with 32-bit microprocessor, 3 Interactive Servo motors, a sound sensor, an ultrasonic visual sensor, an improved touch sensor, and an improved light sensor. The kit also features 519 specially selected LEGO TECHNIC elements for sturdy and durable building and improved functionality and movement, 4 input ports, 3 output ports and 7 6-wire cords Matrix display, Piezo speakers, USB 2.0 and Bluetooth support and an easy-to-use PC and Mac compatible programming software.

The base kit ships in two versions: The Retail Version and the Education Base Set. These can be used to compete in Lego mindstorms nxt competitions.

He Sees! (With an Ultrasonic Sensor) He Hears! (With a Sound Sensor) He Talks! (With a built-in Speaker on the NXT brick and sounds from the NXT Software) He Walks! (With two Servo Motors) He Feels! (With Touch and Light Sensors) . Legos Mindstorms NXT With LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT you can design and build real robots. By means of the software included in the set,robots can be programmed to perform loads of different operations.

 Alpha Rex performs tasks that only the most sophisticated robots can do... Walk on two legs like a real person!

With built in rotation sensors on the two Servo Motors powering his legs, and an Ultrasonic Sensor enabling Alpha Rex to see, you can program Alpha Rex to go where you want with precision. The robot can be fitted, for example, with sensors which control motors and react to light, sound, touch, etc. For example, it can react to your voice or you can control it via your mobile phone. Again – the only limiting factor is the scope of your imagination.The NXT generation of robots that you can build and program to do what you want! Create the smartest, strongest and most advanced LEGO® robot ever, in as few as 30 minutes!

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