Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer


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Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer

With smoke pouring from the stack and the headlight ablaze, this die-cast metal steam locomotive Model toy train races to the big port cities on the East Coast with a boxcar, flatcar, and caboose in tow. The train travels through a short extension bridge and passes ten telephone poles, which are included with the set. Featuring the CW-80 Transformer and a huge oval of FasTrack track, the Pennsylvania Flyer is one of our most popular train sets. For a top fun Christmas gift you just can not go wrong


Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer


I highly recommend this as a starter set for any young boy or girl (or adults who still have a bit of child left in them)...and Christmas is especially a great time to make that happen. As a starter set, it is compatible with ALL 027-gauge AC Current electric trains. My father and I would set up our trains every year around this time and this Pennsylvania Flyer would be the type of work horse that would get rail cars from place to place. This set only comes with enough track pieces (16) to make the oval in the picture. It comes with a few model barrels, steal and other cargo.



Specific details:

Gauge (Size): 027 (bigger than HO/smaller than 0)
(Cars vary in size, but they are aobut 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall.)
1 Die-cast Metal Locomotive (Smoke and Light included)
1 Tender w/Horn (Coal Car)
1 Boxcar
1 Gondola (Open Bed Cargo Car)
1 Caboose
(Wheels on all cars are all metal)
8 Straight track (8 and 3/4 inches long each)
8 Curved track(about same length as straight)
(Takes 4 curved to make a half circle)
1 Power pack and Controller set
1 tube of smoke liquid
1 package of cargo
1 Lifetime of fun (Many of Lionel’s trains starting from the 1900's...STILL RUN!)

PLUS, you get a list of service centers and dealers. Lionel has a web with these lists as well and you can fill out your warranty and buy add-ons for your train right on their site.

The great thing is that you can always find cool cars to add right on to this set. Many cars are made with your favorite football team logo and special editions for events like the Olympics are created as special collectibles...and they will run on your track like any other car. Lionel's couplers (the thing that attaches one car to another) have not changed in size or shape. All Lionel O27 gauge cars will fit on this train, and the heavy metal engine can pull quite a few of them too. This metal engine has the new traction wheel installed. This is a very durable rubber lined wheel on the engine that help keep the wheels from slipping on up hill climbs with heavy loads.

If you get this one as a starter train, you will not be disappointed. With Lionel, the sky is the limit...but this is the train that can lay the groundwork for starting to build an excellent railroad platform! Just buy a lot more track. :)