Fisher Price Pink digital camera


My daughter is really enjoying this camera. Easy buttons/functions. Case is a great accessory. I was able to easily upload photos to my laptop. I haven't figured out yet if I can upload to an online site such as shutterfly but plan to work on that. Directions could have been more thorough
We just got this  Fisher Price pink digital camera for our 8 year old and she loves it.

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kid tough digital camera

I went with this one from the other fisher price one due to this Fisher price pink digital camera one was only $45.00 compared to $70 range for the one on the Fisher Price web site. This one differs in that it does not have a SD slot. It does have 64mb of flash memory which lets it hold 170 pictures at the hightest quaility which is 640 x 480. It does seem to go through the batteries quick, but that could be because my daughter took over 200 pictures in an hour and looked at some and deleted some from the camera. It does have a built in flash. I have not downloaded any pictures to the computer yet. The instructions say it will be detected as a mass storage device. It does not come with any software but does have the usb cable to connect it
we got this for our 3yo and she loves it! Compared to the very first one that came out (our 6yo got one 3yrs ago) I think the buttons have to pushed down a lot harder and that might be diffucult for some. I like how there is a way to have a  higher resolution. The camera goes from 640x480 to   1280x960. All in all, I think this is a great camera for little one's!